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By offering gentle and responsive sleep solutions, together we can subtly dissolve unwanted sleep difficulties, put an end to sleep deprivation and give your family the rest they need.

Is this you?

Sleep deprived and exhausted? Struggling to function? On the brink of tears or anxiety every night? Hoping tonight will be different? Wondering how much longer you can go on like this? Feeling guilt and shame for not being able to cope? I hear you and you are not alone. If you’re considering using a sleep consultant, read on to learn more.

Sleep is a learned skill

Not many people know this fact, but we are not born with a natural ability to fall asleep, it’s something we learn.

We teach our children how to crawl, walk, talk, eat, use the toilet and so much more, so why should sleep be any different? By implementing gentle and responsive guidance, you encourage the skill of sleep to be discovered, mastered and maintained, allowing healthy sleep for you all. 

Even children who were able to settle to sleep and have been super sleepers for years can suddenly experience sleep disturbances and put up bedtime struggles. But, together we can find the causes, break the cycle and restore the peaceful nights for you all.

Find unity for your family 

Sleep deprivation takes its toll and can drive families apart. It can hugely impact our physical and mental health, result in poor work performance and put our baby’s health and wellbeing at risk. 

Whether your child is 6 months or 6 years, with bespoke plans custom-built to be specific to your child, your situation and your needs, it’s never too late to invest in gaining the invaluable knowledge and skills that my one-to-one sleep support service offers.

Your family can enjoy happier, healthier times if you choose to take action to change things. You’ll be left with the knowledge and understanding needed not just to overcome this current issue, but to tackle issues which may have otherwise tripped you up later on down the line as your little one develops further. 

Gentle and responsive

Sleep training doesn’t have to involve harsh ‘cry it out’ methods, this is not something I endorse. I actually encourage attached soothing in the early months while babies adjust to the daunting outside world.

By choosing a sleep consultant who specialises in gentle methods and continual responding, unwanted sleep issues can be dissolved subtly. This ensures your healthy attachment and loving bond remains strong.

You will continue to respond to your little one throughout the process with me. They will know they have you by their side when you need them, giving guidance and love while they learn.

And, along your journey to the life-changing end-result, you will have my support, if and when you choose. 


I hear you and you are not alone.

Millions of parents worldwide are suffering this situation and these exact same emotions daily, but are either not sure where to turn or are too proud to ask for help from a sleep consultant. I used to be one of them.

Did you know, sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture and interrogation? This is because it attacks the deep biological functions at the core of a person’s mental and physical health and can be incredibly damaging and painful if pushed to the extremes. If this is what sleep deprivation can do to a resilient adult, it doesn’t bear thinking about what it’s doing to a fragile child. Why should we let this torture continue when there is an answer?

Perhaps now you’ll realise, there’s absolutely no shame in feeling how you do right now or seeking help, nor should you feel any guilt for how you’ve handled things up until this point. You’re doing an amazing job with the knowledge and tools that you have. Doing the best you can is all any of us can do. What matters is where you go from here.


You are looking for a solution

The fact is, you’re here, reading this. You’re looking for a solution because you understand things need to change. I’m sure you’ll have done research online, got advice from friends and maybe read some books on the subject of infant sleep. But, if those things had worked, you wouldn’t be here, considering using a sleep consultant. The most effective answer is to seek help from a certified child sleep expert who can take the guess work out and implement a plan that works. A plan that is specifically built around you and your little one, this is what I can do for you.

Holistic Approach

Karma’s Lullaby offers a holistic approach to child sleep training (aged 6 months – 6 years), specialising in gentle and responsive solutions, and not supporting the outdated, harsh ‘cry it out’ method. The responsive approach works by introducing baby steps, which teaches your little one to feel safe, comfortable and relaxed in their own sleep space, knowing you’ll respond when they need you. In turn, they will learn how to read sleep cues and take themselves to sleep with no dependency on sleep crutches (such as feeding, rocking, or your presence) and will be content to sleep independently without experiencing anxiety or distress.

Stop the needless suffering for you both

If your little one is struggling with any of the following, get in touch today:

 Wakeful nights | Early morning rising Bedtime battles | Feeding/rocking/stroking to sleep | Only settling to sleep in the car/pushchair | Crying when you leave the room | Nap resistance | Regularly getting out of bed | Co-sleeping | Ditching the dummy | Night terrors Cot climbing


It’s OK to ask for help. With gentle and responsive sleep guidance, together we can subtly dissolve unwanted sleep issues and finally give your family the sleep they need.

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